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Indasy IT Solution. is an IT Service Provider company that provides a wide range of services and innovative solutions. The company has been operating in this area since its very foundation in 2010 and has amassed a substantial experience in Windows and Java software development. Indasy IT Solution is also famous for its Web development services. Our Web development team combines the efforts of keen experts in Web portals, online communities and E-Commerce software development. Since we pace up-to-date with the cutting-edge of IT trends we have gained considerable knowledge base in such domains as .NET and Java software development. Nowadays our customers enjoy the benefits of our services in Pakistan, Canada, Kawait and United Arab Emirates.

Software Download

Indasy Point of Sale (POS)


Note: download trail version and install in computer.

Indasy POS usefull for following clients

1. Computer Hardware ( Shops, Dealers and Whole Salers )
2. Home Appliances ( Small, Meduim and Large Shops and Dealers )

Advantages  and Functionalties of Indasy POS Software

Indasy POS software is best for small, medium and large hardware companies, they can manage inventery, cash flow, sales, purchase and legders, following are details

1. Stock Management
2. Products Management
3. Sales Management
4. Vendors Management
5. Customers Management
6. Ledger Reports
7. Profit / Loss Report
8. Expenses Report
9. Warranty
10. Sale and Purchase Return
11. Send Reports by Email
12. Barcode Generate / Print stickers
13. Payable and Receivables
14. Admin & Users Access & Restrictions
15. Invoice / Receipt Dynamic Print options
16. Export Reports in PDF, Excel and Word Documents
17. Database Backup and Restore

Faster Report Generate – All Report generate through the code, so it is more fast then Crystal reports.

Portability – Use for multiple products

Lite Standard Premium
$199 $229 $249
Stock Management check check check
Product Management check check check
Sales Management check check check
Vendors Management check check check
Customers Management check check check
Ledger Reports check check check
Profit / Loss Report check check check
Expenses Report check check check
Sale and Purchase Return check check check
Payable and Receivables check check check
Admin & Users Access & Restrictions check check check
Invoice / Receipt Dynamic Print options check check check
Export Reports in PDF, Excel and Word Documents check check check
Database Backup and Restore check check check
Email Reports cross check check
Barcode Generation cross check check
Product Serialized Code cross check check
Product Warrenty Management cross check check
Unlimited support cross check check
Registered software sent you by email


Indasy USB Bootable 2.0


Note: ISO image not supported, please use cd/dvd rom with extracted files.

How to use it?
1. Insert windows 7/8 CD/DVD to DVD ROM
2. Start USB Bootable Software
3. Select USB Drive
4. Select Windows CD/DVD Drive
5. Click on Create Bootable
6. Copy All CD/DVD Files to USB Drive
7. for confirm Click again on Create Bootable

Now your usb drive is ready to install windows on computers, 50% Fast Installation!

Advantages of Bootable USB over CDs

USB Flash drives are reusable. You can change the stuff it boots into, anytime. you don’t have to buy a new blank CD if you want to try a different OS or any bootable tool. You can also store your own files along with the bootable stuff. This is not the case with CDs which have to live forever with the data once written into it. Even if you use rewritable CDs, the performance decreases as number of rewrites increase.

Faster read write –The read/write speed of flash drives are much faster than CDs. As a result, it allows faster booting and OS installation. Also, time taken to prepare a Bootable flash drive is less.

Portability – Flash drives are convenient to carry around and it allows you to carry your whole OS in your pocket. Irrespective of the machine you are working on, you can always boot into your OS through USB and access your programs and environment. If you are a computer troubleshooter for your family and friends, it's better to carry bootable rescue tools in your USB.



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